Cat Blacke - Sports Chiropractor and Medical Student

I'm Cat Blacke, a member of the team at KC The Sports Chiropractor.

From a young age, I have been heavily into sports of all kinds. Ranging from surf lifesaving and swimming, to competitive netball and athletics, as well as dancing. Although I can’t participate in some of my favourite sports following injuries, I’ve filled the gaps with yoga and snowboarding these days.

Health and fitness have always been a high priority, and training and competing at an array of sporting events eventually took its toll on my body. I suffered recurrent ankle sprains and knee injuries, and eventually some fairly debilitating lower back pain, which stopped me from competing and training at high levels. I spent a lot of time with a sports physiotherapist, an osteopath and eventually a chiropractor. It was these visits to manual therapists that sparked my interest in manual medicine and health care.

In 2004 I started studying Medical Science/Business at UTS part time and moved to Macquarie University from 2006 - 2010 where I completed my 3-year bachelors and 2-year master’s in chiropractic. When I started practicing as a chiropractor in 2011, I knew my studies were far from over, and as of 2018 commenced my Doctor of Medicine degree at the University of Notre Dame, Sydney. I expect to graduate in 2021, where I will commence my career in medicine at an Australian hospital in 2022.

I believe the biggest role I play in my capacity as a therapist, is an educator. The hands-on component to me is extremely important, but when we understand what is happening in our body, and why, it is easier to manage and takes some of the fear away from our experience around pain and disability. Movement is crucial, and my goal is to start from the ground up and teach my clients the foundations of stabilisation and movement. From basic anatomy to more functional anatomy, I find that teaching my clients these principles changes the way they approach not only their sport and movement, but also their day to day activities. I love education so much that I spent time educating first year chiropractic students in 2010 and chiropractic master’s students from 2011 to 2016 in the fields of musculoskeletal rehabilitation, pre-clinical studies and as final year interns at Macquarie University.

Other courses and seminars I have attended include:

  • Kinesio-Taping (Rock Tape)

  • A seminar with Dr Steven Olmos to expand my knowledge into the field of dentistry, studying the anatomy and neurology of the airways and TMJ and TMD (jaw joint mechanics and dysfunction).

  • Sports Trainer level 1 course, Sports Medicine Australia

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