hands on Chiropractic approach.

We offer a customised hands on Chiropractic approach designed to help you get the most out of life.


Initial Consultation

Duration: 60 minute consultation $200

For first time clients who have never visited the practice before. Initial consultations will involve a comprehensive patient history, Orthopaedic and Neurological examination, functional/Movement based examination, diagnosis and discussion of treatment options with a treatment plan.


Standard Consultation

(for existing clients only)

Duration: 30 Minute Consultation $100

This is our regular appointment we use most frequently and usually involves either hands-on treatment or rehabilitation or a combination of both depending on what you require.


Short Consultation

(for existing clients only)

Duration: 15 Minute Consultation $70

This appointment is suitable for existing patients that need a quick hands on treatment or to check and upgrade their rehabilitation progress.


Extended Consultation

(for existing clients only)

Duration: 45 Minute Consultation $150

This is our extended appointment which is suitable for those who may have multiple areas that need to be looked at or those who need an extended rehabilitation session. As required, this consultation is appropriate for program development for coaches/trainers.