Christopher Noordhof - Sports Chiropractor

Hi, I’m Christopher Noordhof a chiropractor, husband, doggy dad and AFL enthusiast.


I have been a chiropractor for 10 years now and was drawn to the profession as it gave me the opportunity to help people change their lives for the better.

I have always loved improving people’s mobility and body control to allow them to perform at a higher level as well as alleviating pain. Personally this was highlighted to me when I was going through my own rehabilitation during my years playing Aussie Rules at a highly competitive level.

Lately I have focused my knowledge on improving the biomechanics through the foot and hip to increase the bodies capacity to handle not only everyday activities but also during in sport and gym settings.

Outside of University, I further studied

  • ART upper limb 

  • ART spinal

  • SFMA level 1

  • DNS exercise course 1 & 2

  • DNS sports specific  gym and running

  • Functional Integrated Needling for Sports Injury Management

  • Fascial Abrasion Technique Tool

  • Synergy Performance Taping

  • The Foot Collective 

  • ASCA Level 1

Chris is available at our Potts Point location. 

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