Connect Workshop

Most courses designed for health practitioners focus on treating clients' clinical needs. They are about building your functional knowledge and skills, and are an important part of continual professional development.

However, we also believe it is important to develop skills in the relational side of working with clients. After all, our 'hands' can only do so much if we fail to also build the right level of trust and rapport with our clients, and gain their ongoing commitment to the treatment plan.

We are therefore excited to release a new workshop called CONNECT built on the premise that the way we communicate and behave with our clients is just as important as the functional expertise we provide.

What will you learn by attending this course?

This one-day workshop draws on a range of evidence-based techniques from both psychology and neuroscience in order to teach you:

  • The fundamental drivers of human behaviour and emotional intelligence

  • How to uncover your unique value proposition as a practitioner and leverage it within the clinic

  • Effective techniques for building trust and rapport

  • Strategies for communicating and working with clients and their diverse needs

This is a 1 day not to be missed workshop.