The 8-Week Introductory Mentoring Program


The 8-Week Introductory Mentoring Program has been designed to guide and grow Sports Based Practitioners.

Too often we can conform to one way of thinking… performing our duties according to the Status Quo. Well this course will challenge that very way of thinking, to promote the use of basic principles to treat complex cases, to understand being fluid and adaptable in your approach to patient care  will provide great results, but more importantly, will bring you success.

Over the course of 8 Weeks you will receive

  • 10+ hours of webinar content with homework tasks to complete.
  • 4 in-house practical workshops
  • Access to our community Facebook page
  • Weekly phone chat access with Luke Khoury
  • Opportunity to spend time in Clinical Practice at KC The Sports Chiropractor


Workshop 1: Introductory Workshop – Whats your Purpose?

Workshop 2: The Functional Assessment

Workshop 3: Get off the table – Active approach to treatment

Workshop 4: Masterclass – Case Based Learning


Module 1: Purpose

Module 2: Productivity and Accountability

Module 3: Communication

Module 4: Assessment – Part 1 (A Logical Approach)

Module 5: Assessment – Part 2 (A Functional Approach)

Module 6: Treatment of Mobility Dysfunctions

Module 7: Treatment of Stability and Motor Control Dysfunctions

Module 8: How to Start Up