This week Oz is joined by the sports chiropractic specialist Luke Khoury. More than just an accomplished practitioner, Luke is an educator, an esteemed businessman and an all round decent bloke.

Luke thinks beyond the normal ideals of practicing chiropractic or running a clinic and we asked him on the show to share his mission focused ideals; and how they have shaped the success he is experiencing.

Luke's specific essay question was:

"Professional Services and Business Acumen are not often developed concurrently, what has been the universal key to your growth and development? And how important has the strength of your mission been to guide your decisions?"

Hear Luke's thoughts on the neurological side of supporting patients, balancing business owner & practitioner, as well as the deep dive into the art of giving and being human.

Insightful and thought provoking.

Enjoy the Show.

Practice Start ups - What i've learnt

Webinar by Luke Khoury - Recorded to assist practitioners wanting to start up a new practice. This is a general discussion covering experiences in setting up multiple practices (always seek professional advice)

Be The Practitioner You Want To Be

Webinar by Luke Khoury - recorded for Sports Chiropractic Australia (SCA) - 2017.

Stop Conforming - Start Progressing


Recovery Strategies  - pain guidebook -

by Dr Greg Lehman

An amazing read the team at KC would like to share with you