In the health and fitness industry, the term “core” has been thrown around quite a bit. I assure you it is more than just well defined abs! What I’m about to talk about is far less sexy, hence why you won’t see it on instagram. 

So what is it? By definition it is a central part of a system. Makes sense in a nondescript way for us humans. An analogy I use to define the components of the core is the ‘can’ analogy. You’ll have to excuse me as I am unsure who coined this, so credit is due to whoever did.

Let me explain it to you!

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By Luke Khoury

As practitioners interested in providing care for active populations, we find ourselves regularly assisting runners overcome injuries which just may have not been necessary to start with.

In review of current literature, the most common injuries among runners were chronic or overuse in nature, with patellofemoral pain syndrome, Achilles tendinopathy, and shin splints (medial tibial stress syndrome), plantar fasciitis and chronic exertional compartment syndrome being the most common. As a result of the high injury rate there are ongoing debates regarding the benefits of barefoot training to restore "natural" mechanics and hopefully reducing injury incidence.

Time and time again we read of the rehabilitative treatment protocols to repair these pathologies, so my question to is… what if we are targeting the resulting issue rather than the primary one?

This review aims to change your pattern of thought to care.

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By Adam Parrelli

A huge population we have the pleasure to look after are the ‘ladies that lift.’ Each woman we look after is on their own journey, we will often care for those who are pre, during or post partum.

For a long time there has been a stigma (or lack of information) for a while around training and pregnancy.

Current guidelines are definitely in favour of maintaining movement and encourage moderate intensity exercise during pregnancy as well as maintenance of strength in the pregnant population. Although these guidelines have been created based on limited research in this particular area we strongly advise ALWAYS BE IN CLOSE CONTACT WITH YOUR HEALTH CARE TEAM.

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Please...See me!

In a climate of scrutiny and gaining a competitive edge are we losing sight of what is most important?

Have we dehumanised clinical practice due to perceived time constraints, financial inefficiency or is it we are focused on attending to a presentation rather than the person???

We are fortunate enough to be practicing in a time where there has never been more access to healthcare services, to funding for healthcare facilities and research, however according to Pain Australian Annual review 2017 ¹ the cost of pain treatment has more than double since 2009 (Monthly rise from $231 - $473). Our spending on pain medications has also increased by 53% during this same period.

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